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Name  Phone  e-Mail 
 Ruben Ayala  916 645-6330  email


Ms. Munno  Kindergarten, Room 3
 email  webpage
Mrs. Vargas  Kindergarten, Room K-1  email  webpage
Mrs. Wagner  Kindergarten, Room K-2  email  webpage
Mrs. Ayala  1st Grade, Room 2  email  webpage
Ms. Franzen  1st Grade, Room 4  email  webpage
Ms. Lewin  1st Grade, Room 5  email  webpage
Ms. Swesey  2nd Grades, Room 11  email  webpage
Mrs. Gonzales  2nd/3rd Grades, EA, Room 18  email  webpage
Mrs. Opperman  2nd Grade, Room 10  email
Mrs. Morebeck
 2nd-5th Grades, SDC/B, Rm. 21
Ms. Lucas  3rd Grade, Room 14  email  webpage
Mrs. Blank  3rd Grade, Room 16  email  webpage
Ms. Whitworth
 4th Grade, Room 22
 email  webpage
Mrs. Medina  4th Grade, Room 19
Mrs. Pellegrino
 4th Grade, EA, Room 17  email  webpage
Mrs. Moss  5th Grade, Room 24  email  webpage
Miss Moya  5th Grade, EA, Room 15  email  webpage
Mr. Stelma  5th Grade, Room 23  email  webpage
Mrs. Bier  Spec. Ed. Preschool  email  webpage
Mrs. Clark  Speech Specialist, Library  email  webpage
Ms. Jones  Resource Specialist Room 8  email
Mr. Justice  Science, Room 12  email  webpage
Ms. Quan  LIP Room 9  email  webpage
Ms. Van Hoy  Music, Room 7  email  webpage
Ms. Wilder  Phonology


Classified Staff, Not in Office Staff Listing

Patricia Alves Health Clerk  
Mike Arbaugh Custodian/Maintenance                            
Reina Avalos             Bilingual Instructional Aide   
Rafaela Balderas Bilingual Instructional Aide  
María Desantiago Librarian 
Betty Diaz Campus Supervisor   
Veronica Edwards Sp. Ed. Instructional Aide  
Nicolle Fusano Paraprofessional Aide  
Meghan Grimes Paraprofessional Aide  
Michelle Hawe ISP  
Fatima Hubert Campus Supervisor  
Debbie Hutchinson ISP  
Bahareh Kallergis Paraprofessional Aide  
Sharon Leon Paraprofessional Aide  
Carol Lopez Paraprofessional Aide  
Deanna Masterson Custodian (PM)  
Suzanne Novak Paraprofessional Aide  
Maritza Pisik Cafeteria Cashier  
Irma Ramirez Campus Supervisor  
Hilda Rubio Food Service  
Heather Snider                                Food Service   
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